english screening test

luckily the english test is not counted towards final marks (assesment) hehe^_^

but if u failed the test, u have to take english course.. T.T

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  • Jia Jeng
  • Hey.. Tell me the results ya.. Thank God I don't have to go through the test =P
  • akee89
  • i have 95% confident that i will fail the test.. haha..
  • vincent
  • nice picture blog.hehe!u finally update your blog ad.i wait for a long time ady.=(

    enjoy your life in AUS.^^
  • Lee Kuan
  • LOl, all chinese...i want to comment but dunno press what..haha...how are you in Australia? wish you well always!!!!
  • Chee wei
  • that picture (drawing + text) very funny!
    "blank 给他看"
    " 肥佬" and "hiak hiak"

    finally can load ur page adi... normally load very slow de..network timeout..aiyah u know la..in cemara akasia de wifi!
    Ei.. dun leave blank ma... use ur talent, draw something on the blank...like the pic. i thk better than leave them blank. ekeke
  • Chi Hau
  • Hi, finally found your blog, How're ya doing? Don't know where to find the chatbox to drop a message so just typed my message here. Haha... By the way, my blog is wrongly linked. Should be chihau1015.blogspot.com.
  • ying hui
  • walao.jz open ur blog..y all write in paper and scan to computer liao geh?so lazy har?haha..